We knew there was a better way

Imagine being able to quantify a return on your company’s marketing investments.
Sounds like a simple and obvious goal, right? Although it should be pretty easy, it’s one of the toughest tasks for any marketer. That’s because most companies – even large corporations – lack the tools to quantify how basics like attending pricey trade shows and handing out promotional items help build their businesses. It probably sounds like a familiar challenge because you’ve been struggling with it for a long time. Relax, you’re not alone.

The quantification issue lands most companies in what experts call the Marketing Death Spiral. Actually, we just made that term up because it sounds cool – it’s not really that sinister, but it is a big problem. What happens is that companies who can’t quantify their return on investment on certain budget line items will cut those expenses in future budgets. It’s a logical approach to doing business, but it has nasty consequences – marketing activities seize up, people often get laid off, customers forget your company exists and growth tanks. Worse, the staff foosball table is sold to cut costs. It gets ugly.

Working with companies over the past 24 years who regularly run up against this challenge got us thinking: There has to be tools out there that can help market brands and prove that it was worth the time and effort. We couldn’t find any, so we decided to build them ourselves.

Why simple is better

We have a saying around here: If marketing can’t be done easily – and measured accurately – it shouldn’t be done at all. That’s why we built an agency that combines technology and smart strategy to produce quantifiable, kick-ass marketing campaigns that help companies get noticed and sell more. Most of our competitors work either in digital or traditional marketing, but not both. That’s what makes us unique and far more fun to have beers with on a Friday afternoon.

We also try to take the complexity out of marketing. How many times have you read a proposal that talked about “Teeing up a strategy that builds market synergies and integrates brand solutions to take it to the next level” and wondered what it all meant? Too many? Us, too! We think million-dollar results are far more valuable than confusing, million-dollar marketing jargon that complicates rather than clarifies. Years spent helping companies like yours has taught us that simplicity breeds success. This is why we prefer to build easy-to-follow plans with straightforward messaging that focus on providing real value. Call us crazy, but we think that approach makes a lot more sense and gets the job done every time.

So, that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning: a love for helping companies achieve and quantify their marketing goals. It’s as simple as that.

Meet our Team
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