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September 19th, David McLoughlin

Contently.com’s Shane Snow on measuring content marketing ROI

Blogging has become one of the most important tools in a business’ marketing arsenal for a few simple reasons: blogs help establish thought leadership, promote new developments within a firm and keep followers up-to-date on relevant industry news, to name just a few. The challenge with blogs is they take time to write—time that few senior level executives or managers have at their disposal.

So, as Contently.com co-founder Shane Snow explains in his recent blog post for Mashable.com, a whopping 95% of companies will at some point pull away from their keyboards and abandon their blogs. He makes the point that few CEOs would cease blogging if they used several readily-available tools to track the return on their thought leadership investments. Why?

First, building brand awareness and generating sales leads with the help of branded content takes time to deliver results. That’s the frustrating part. On the flipside, he explains that marketing is gradually shifting away from costlier forms of brand promotion such as advertising, to companies publishing their own branded content and disseminating it to their target audience with the help of social media tools. He outlines several ways that business owners, managers and marketers can track ROI on their content marketing efforts without having to focus on tired metrics such as readership and ad revenue. Check out the full post here


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