Marketing Strategy

Here at McLoughlin, we have a thing against overly complicated marketing plans. Marketing initiatives that aren’t quantified are another of our big pet peeves. Notice we didn’t say plans that aren’t quantifiable. That’s because every marketing initiative can be measured using the right tools. Oh, did we mention that we have a whole box full of those at our disposal?

If not, then maybe it’s time for a quick chat about how we can help your company stage mind-blowing marketing campaigns – most of which get off to a shaky start because what success looks like for the company is not clearly defined at the outset

Sure, we all want increased sales, but you need small wins along the way to reach that ultimate business-building goal. Our marketing and brand strategy consulting team will work to understand your brand and define metrics that make sense to gauge the success of your next campaign. Then we’ll build a simple, realistic marketing plan that not only gets you noticed, but works with your budget and delivers the kind of results that even a marketing-skeptical CFO would love – and as we all know, those need to be some pretty impressive results.

We can make sure that when the boss asks to see data from your most recent marketing campaign, you’ll have something to show them. Our mobile tracking technology allows you to collect data such as demographics, buyer intent, opt-in permission, lead follow-up info and much more, to accurately quantify returns on your marketing investments. That kind of information offers a wide range of benefits from guiding future marketing budget allocation and initiatives, to boosting your company’s bottom line.

It could also get you a promotion. Need we say more?

What We Do

We use cutting-edge technology to build comprehensive and measurable marketing campaigns custom-designed to meet the objectives of a wide range of organizations.

Who We Are

We’re a team of passionate marketers who use innovative marketing strategies and tactics to help our clients build their brands, increase sales and grow their companies.

Why Us

We have a habit of producing game-changing results that help organizations deliver major returns on their marketing investments. It’s a habit we don’t intend to kick.

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